LC8 (En)

Warehouse containers are widely used in the construction sector for the storage of tools and materials.

This type of containers are especially resistant to the most adverse weather and work conditions.

We only sell new / First Trip containers for use as Warehouse. In this type of product we do not sell used ones.

Warehouse Container LC8

Model: LC 8′ – 2.5 meters
Exterior measurements: 2200 width x 2438 length x 2260 height mm
Interior measurements: 2106 width x 2275 length x 2050 height mm
Weight: 630kg
Interior volume: 9.82 m3
Stacking: 3 heights
Max. lifting payload: 2300 kg
Maximum payload: 3500 kg

LENGTH: 2.438 mm.
WIDTH: 2.200 mm.
HEIGHT: 2.260 mm.
WEIGHT (HB wood floor): 630 kg.
WEIGHT (SB steel floor): 725 kg.
CAPACITY: 9,82 m³

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The measurements mentioned are indicative and may be subject to small variations.

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