20' open side new


Open Side maritime containers have the special feature that they have a side with doors that opens completely.
This open side provides easy access to its interior and allows the loading of long goods easily.
This type of container is versatile for projects that require easy access to the equipment installed inside. It is also used for bars, shops, stands…

20′ Open Side

LENGTH: 6.058 mm.
WIDTH: 2.438 mm.
HEIGHT: 2.591 mm.
WEIGHT: 3.400 kg.
CAPACITY: 31,10 m³

20′ Open Side High Cube

LENGTH: 12.192 mm.
WIDTH: 2.438 mm.
HEIGHT: 2.896 mm.
WEIGHT: 5.200 kg.
CAPACITY: 67,10 m³

The measurements mentioned are indicative and may be subject to small variations.

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