Flat Rack Containers are a specialized type of container used to transport goods that do not fit easily into standard dry containers due to their irregular size, shape or weight. These containers are designed to accommodate special cargoes and offer flexibility in terms of loading and unloading. They have a sturdy frame structure with only two ends and a flat base. This allows easy loading and unloading from the sides or above. They are ideal for transporting goods that are exceptionally long, wide or tall.

Container adapted to transport loads of unusual size. Available in 20′ and 40′.

Maritime Container 20′ Flat Rack

LENGTH: 6.058 mm.
WEIGTH: 2.438 mm.
HEIGHT: 2.591 mm.
WEIGHT: 2.500 kg.
CAPACITY: 3.00 m³

Maritime Container 40′ Flat Rack

LENGTH: 12.192 mm.
WIDTH: 2.438 mm.
HEIGHT: 2.591 mm.
WEIGHT: 4.900 kg.
CAPACITY: 3.03 m³

The measurements mentioned are indicative and may be subject to small variations.


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