Hard Top containers are a specialized type of cargo container characterized by having a rigid, reinforced roof, designed to protect merchandise from damage caused by heavy objects or loading and unloading with cranes. These containers are ideal for transporting products that require an additional level of security and protection during transportation.

Container with a rigid removable roof, whose tightness must be ensured. Available in 20′ and 40′.

Maritime Container 20’ HARD TOP

LENGTH: 6.058 mm.
WIDTH: 2.438 mm.
HEIGHT: 2.591 mm.
WEIGHT: 2.380 kg.

Maritime Container  40’ HARD TOP

LENGTH: 12.192 mm.
WIDTH: 2.438 mm.
HEIGHT: 2.591 mm.
WEIGHT: 4.600 kg.

The measurements mentioned are indicative and may be subject to small variations.


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