Refrigerated containers, also known as reefers, are a specialized type of container used in the transportation of perishable products that require controlled temperatures during travel. They are a critical part of the global supply chain to ensure the freshness and quality of these products from the place of origin to the final destination. They establish and maintain specific temperatures inside, which generally range from -30°C to 30°C (or more depending on the machinery they carry). Especially used in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Available in 20′, 40′ and 40′ High Cube.

Maritime Container 20′ Reefer

LENGTH: 6.058 mm.
WIDTH: 2.438 mm.
HEIGHT: 2.591 mm.
WEIGHT: 3.400 kg.
CAPACITY: 28,60 m³

Contenedor Marítimo 40′ Reefer High Cube

LENGTH: 12.192 mm.
WIDTH: 2.500 mm.
HEIGHT: 2.896 mm.
WEIGHT: 5.200 kg.
CAPACITY: 67,00 m³

The measurements mentioned are indicative and may be subject to small variations.


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