Warehouse Containers

Warehouse containers are widely used in the construction sector for the storage of tools and materials. As they are manufactured in special measurements, they adapt perfectly to all those spaces in which other containers such as maritime containers (with standard measurements) do not fit, but like these, they are equally resistant to the most adverse weather and work conditions.

Sólo comercializamos contenedores nuevos / First Trip para su uso como Almacén. En este tipo de producto no comercializamos usados. 

Types of Warehouse Containers:


Warehouse Container
1.980 x 1.970 x 1.910 mm


Warehouse Container
2.438 x 2.200 x 2.260 mm


Warehouse Container
2.931 x 2.200 x 2.260 mm

Warehouse Container
2.991 x 2.438 x 2.591 mm

Warehouse Container
4.550 x 2.200 x 2.260 mm

Warehouse Container
6.058 x 2.438 x 2.591 mm

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