Maritime Containers

contenedores en oferta

Sale of New Maritime Containers or First Trip

They have been manufactured in the last 24 months and have been used only once for cargo and intermodal transportation from initial manufacturing to final destination. As a consequence of these operations and the loading and unloading maneuvers in port, they may present some scratches or friction typical of these operations.

Venta de Contenedores Marítimos Usados Cargo Worthy

Sale of Used Maritime Containers

All our used containers are sold in Cargo Worthy condition, which is the international condition that guarantees that they are suitable for maritime transport, warehouse or processing. This condition guarantees that the containers have no holes, are watertight, their floor is smooth and their doors open and close correctly. However, it must be taken into account that due to its age and years of use (about 15), in its external appearance, it has scratches, oxidation or small dents that do not affect its usefulness or watertightness.

Types of Maritime Containers:

20', 40' and 45' Containers

Standard container. Hermetically closed and without refrigeration or ventilation. Available sizes: 20′ DV and 40′ DV.

Container similar to the standard except for its height, which in this one reaches up to 2.89. Available sizes: 20′ HC, 40′ HC and 45′ HC.

The roof is replaced by a canvas that can be removed. This means that large goods can be loaded through the top of the container. Available sizes: 20′ DV, 40′ DV, 40′ HC

hard top

Container with a rigid removable roof, whose tightness must be ensured. Available sizes: 20’DV and 40’DV.

Side access container, whose opening is arranged on one of its sides. Available sizes: 20′ DV, 20′ HC, 40′ DV and 40′ HC.

double door

Container with doors at both ends, ideal for longer goods. Available sizes: 20′ DV, 20′ HC, 40′ HC.


Refrigerated container, with a thermal preservation system. Available sizes: 20′ DV, 20′ HC and 40 HC.

pallet wide

Container adapted to the size of euro pallets. Available sizes: 40′ HC 45′ HC.

flat rack

Container adapted to transport loads of unusual size. Measurements available in 20′ DV and 40′ DV.

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